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we are proud to offer email databases with millions of listings from all over South Africa. Our email lists cover a wide array of industries, professions as well as consumers and is more than you need to connect with decision makers and industry professionals from all over South Africa.


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Email marketing is a great way to do online marketing and it is also one of the best ways to take marketing to the web. It works effectively for those on a small budget and pushes up sales, both online and off. Organizing a giant email marketing campaign can be difficult. In order to do this, you need to have a large email database, which can be difficult to do. It’s not always easy to track down bulk emails if you don’t already have a list. Using a mailing database and leads to do your email marketing can have a huge effect on your sales and income.

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we propose the best for email marketing! Having quality and huge email list of europe, USA, Asie or Australian consumers it is the turning point of your successful email marketing campaign. It’s time to start marketing campaign that lead to results. It’s time to take the advantage of the – highest ROI in the sphere area of digital marketing!

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